hoe beschermen we de huid na het zonnebaden?

How to refresh your skin after sunbathing?

Skin care after sunbathing Reinig, hydrateer en verfris je huid In Belgium, unfortunately, we don’t have so many sunny days. So then when the sun shines once in a while, we naturally want to take full advantage of it and go outside. It then sometimes happens that we accidentally spend just a little too long

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New website

The history of Aloe Vera The aloë vera plant The official name of the aloe variety used for a whole range of cosmetic and other applications is Aloe barbadensis Miller. The plant is called Aloe “vera,” with reference to the Latin “vera” meaning real or true. So aloe vera is the only true variety of

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Verdien bij als beauty consultent(e)

Earn on the side as a beauty consultant

aloe vera beauty consultant in secondary employment We are looking for M/F with a passion for sales & beauty Aloe Vera Skincare by Cosmo-Line was started by experts who have more than 20 years of experience in skincare. They have had a product line developed by cosmetic specialists to meet the needs of today’s woman

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Product in the spotlight

Autumn & winter: scrub away!

Autumn & winter: scrub away! What does exfoliating do to your skin? To get rid of our dead skin cells, it is best to use a scrub. By exfoliating, you are actually removing a layer from the top of your skin and sending a signal to the active skin cells to make more cells. And

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